re-newed public consciousness needed

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...are these the capitalists sucking the government, or the many taxes sucking capitalism?

Here's what Greg, from Brooklyn NY, a NYTimes reader, wrote back recently:

Democracies cannot last, because eventually the majority realizes that it can vote itself a stipend. That is where we're headed--any politician who promises to provide lavish services while cutting taxes wins in a landslide, despite the basic idiocy of that position. Eventually we will end up like Greece. Just as Greece is gradually becoming an economic colony of the EU (specifically Germany, or German banks) we will soon be an economic colony of China, to which we owe more money that we can ever possibly pay. The only alternative is to tighten our belts, pay more taxes, and accept more limited services. But we won't. The American Century is over, and with it our way of life.
It's painful, some argue that even long necessary, but we are getting there.


Crescentsi said...

Politicians sucking the public purse.....? ;-)

Apologies to the piggies lol

fCh said...

Politicians by themselves are not that... taxing. It's only when they work on behalf of their constituencies (non-public and public) that your suggestion becomes very apt.

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