The Human-Resource Problem of the American Capitalism

Unemployment figures are low, vacancies pile up, yet most people remain unemployed.  What gives?

The system discounts experience, the young and fool keep it running, for they never question WHY, they just aim to figure out somebody else's HOW.  And to minimize the potential for surprise, the young must also be indebted.

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Whether or not you like Trump, he is too little, too late

If you like him, Trump cannot turn on a dime the giant machinery set on its course in the aftermath of WW2.  I think we wasted our LAST chance sometime between Clinton and Bush II; the former by cozying up to China and the banks, the latter by squandering whatever was left in that futile desert-remodeling crony-Keynesianism.

Internally, Trump cannot re-industrialize the USA with a work-force that spent more than two decades on the bench.  Again, Bush II lost that last train. 

If you dislike him, bear in mind that Hillary appeared as if her saving card would have been war with Russia.  I think we've seen enough proof in war indicating that Russia is no longer McCain/Yeltsin's giant gas station with nukes...

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All in all, I think Trump will end up captured; unless he brings to life the neocon dream of going to war with Iran...  at which point his presidency becomes one and the same with Mrs. Clinton's.

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