On Time

Time is Money

I remember when I was a corporate cog waiting for the time to pass and call it a day.  Until I realized it was my own time I was in effect wishing away, as if I had been living on someone else's time.

Time is this artifact, meant to approximate something more valuable than the other one everyone keeps talking about, money.  Modern time has been reduced to its one-dimensional and linear form, an evolutionary process to make us efficient.  And so much poorer unless we regain access to time's other dimensions and non-linear duration(s).

Spiral Timepiece Concurrence

Now I realize why money has been so successful an object of desire, for its enlightened handlers know that it is through it they take away others' time.  This is so much so that man always looks for time multipliers, which come as a mix of people and technology.  Oil is a mega-multiplier, and it was arguably its discovery and industrial applications that ended slavery in the West.

How sad is it then to see no revolutionary demand for time?!  How ironic is it to see each recent technology wave promising more time for ourselves!?

Dollar bill sand-glass aka Time is Money!

Thank you for your time(s)

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