Wall Street: How good of an approximation for market-based capitalism?

Four months ago I challenged the LinkedIn community with a topic titled "Survival of Capitalism." Last week, one of my LinkedIn connections asked the question "Is capitalism dead?"

Needless to say, within the time between these two almost identical questions, the answers have taken quite different paths. Here's what I've learned myself, or how I replied to the second question:
There is a useful distinction between capitalism and free markets as illustrated by Arrighi and others. According to Arrighi, the US form of capitalism entered its final stage in the 1970s. Moreover, capitalism does not die, it just goes to live in another country, with better/more accommodating systems.

At this point in time, increasingly, the answer to your question is in the hands of the US creditor(s). They'll have an increasing say in how the capitalism evolves from here on.

On the other hand, I raised a very similar question to yours, about 4 months ago. I was not aware at that time of the distinction between capitalism and free markets, yet I felt there was something rotten in capitalism. Worth reading are all the answers at that time--see also the implicit "socialist" cries from folks in very regulated industries....
As I've been writing about markets and their actors for some time, allow me to reference the following: Wall Street: How good of an approximation it makes? ... for market-based capitalism?

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