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Eric Kandel, Paul Holdengraber, and Madeleine Viljoen
Photo Credit: Jori Klein
THE AGE OF INSIGHT March 28, 2012

In turn of the century Vienna, an extraordinary mix of scientists and artists—Sigmund Freud, Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka and Alois Riegl among others—gathered and collectively began exploring a fertile new territory: the unconscious. In his forthcoming book The Age of Insight, Nobel Prize-winning neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandel brings to life this pivotal time, when the Modernist age was born and a new model for the human brain and creativity was forged.

In conversation with Paul Holdengräber, Eric Kandel will discuss the book already praised by Oliver Sacks as "a tour-de-force that sets the stage for a twenty-first century understanding of the human mind in all its richness and diversity."

domino effect

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Lust and greed before the bubble burst.

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