The no more private in Private Equity

Should you have some ties in your typical US public corporation, the type whose stock value has traded sideways and below some high point, you also know how one of the hopes espoused by the staff whose stock-option plan is underwater is that the white knight would come embodied by a hedge/private-equity fund.

That a large number of the hedge-funds or private equity groups are mere conduits into funny deal-making, which may already be the effect of too much regulation meant to outlaw stupidity, will be verified sooner rather than later. Give or take a mishap in the money supply and there we have the proof.

That a great number of your typical CEO in public companies has neither had business-compass nor found one puts some of the folks in private equity in real demand. Indeed, they have connections, are not hindered by much business-correctness, have IQs and cash above the standards, enjoy all the benefits associated with the cachet of exclusivity, and appear to be able to make things happen.

All the above being considered, not all funds are created equal. Those that enjoy the most their positions have come to a point where they offer (parts of) themselves to the publicly traded markets. Some view this as the ultimate sign of the liquidity bubble, for others it is an opportunity to invest--see China goes to BX. I, for one, raised the following question:
BX, FIG, LAZ--hedges against a downturn, or vehicles to chase a dream?

+: track record, talent, access, connections, speed, cash...
-: change in tax regime in the US, increased protectionism/oversight @ national levels, public perceptions, founders cashing out, crowded space, excess...
For some great answers from the LinkedIn community of professionals, click here.

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And, for another set of views, have a look here: Behind the Buyouts: First Data It's interesting and necessary to learn the views of the labor unions as well. Since Hilton has a unionized workforce and Blackstone got the approval of the involved unions for its taking HLT private, what does this indicate?

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