From Taleb's Twitter Feed

From Nassim Taleb's Twitter Feed:

1. In nature we never repeat the same motion. In captivity (office, gym, commute, sports), life is just repetitive stress injury. No randomness about 6 hours ago via web
2. Using, as excuse, others' failure of common sense is in itself a failure of common sense. 9:33 AM Mar 12th via web
3. Dubai borrowed to put vanity buildings on postcards; America and W. Europe need to borrow to just survive. 4:52 AM Mar 12th via web
4. We unwittingly amplify commonalities with friends, dissimilarities with strangers, & contrasts with enemies. 3:30 PM Mar 11th via web
5. The mark of a mediocre mind is the subdued and passive reaction in front of the truly exceptional. 11:32 AM Mar 11th via web
6. [Explanation: The biggest error since Socrates has been to believe that lack of clarity is the SOURCE of all our ills, not the result. ] 11:22 AM Mar 10th via web
7. Mental clarity is the child of courage, not the other way around. 11:07 AM Mar 10th via web
8. What they call play (gym, travel) looks like work;what I call work (effortless daydreaming) looks like play.They lose freedom trying harder. 3:27 AM Mar 10th via web
9. The differences between Goldman Sachs & the mafia: GS has a better legal-regulatory expertise; but the mafia understands public opinion. 7:13 AM Mar 9th via web
10. Common minds find similarities in stories (& situations), finer minds detect differences [Essay on the Universal & the Particular] 12:47 AM Mar 8th via web
11. I wish to say some day about someone "Voilà un homme!" as Napoleon said upon meeting Goethe: mixture of passion & intellect (& elegance too) 5:45 AM Mar 7th via web
12. Übermen tolerate others' small inconsistencies though not the large ones;losers tolerate others' large inconsistencies though not small ones 6:16 AM Mar 5th via web
13. If you want people to read a book, tell them it is overrated. 1:07 PM Feb 28th via web
14. Their sabbatical is to work six days and rest for one; my sabbatical is to work for (part of) a day and rest for six. 7:05 AM Feb 28th via web
15. City-states organize by tinkering; nation-states produce bureaucracies, empty suits, Bernankes, deficits, and the toobigtofail. Too obvious. 6:49 AM Feb 27th via web
16. answ:[ If you can't detect (w/out understanding) the difference betw sacred & profane you'll never know what religion means. Same with art ] 7:36 AM Feb 26th via web
17. Atheism/materialism means treating the dead as if they were unborn. I won't. By respecting the sacred you reinvent religion. 4:47 AM Feb 26th via web
18. I wonder if a lion (or a cannibal) would pay a high premium for free-range humans. [modern bondage] 8:00 AM Feb 25th via web
19. Writing is the art of repeating oneself without anyone noticing. 12:40 PM Feb 24th via web
20. You know you have influence when people start noticing your absence more than the presence of others. 3:26 PM Feb 23rd via web

Nassin Taleb

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