The Remote Control Presidency

I think the current healthcare debate reveals we may have a problem ourselves. Could it be that too much reward relative to the effort for too many of us has eroded the culture of the people? Indeed, how else could the current disenchantment with, say, Obama be justified if not by the fact that many think they must have voted for the remote control presidency? Such arrangement, ideally, requires little engagement, lest commitment for action, other than the equivalent of operating a remote control button.

Assuming that a good man can make all the needed difference by himself, even if he inhabits the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., is oversimplifying, if not outright delusional. For one, insurance companies are one of the capitalism pillars, by supplying investment capital (together with banking, retirement funds and the state itself). Then, proving commitment in terms of some sort of action is the best way to be taken seriously.

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