Wall Street: How good of an approximation it makes?

... for market-based capitalism?

Hence, how sound is it to rely on Wall Street to sort out most society decision-making needs--from pensions to child-care, from environment to efficient allocation of resources, from war to peace?

Yes, this was another LinkedIn question, and the argument went as following:

The Great Depression also resulted in a series of regulations and institutions that have been held responsible for many an ensuing development--ranging from the WWII to a progressive and modern society/state. After the Cold War, especially during Clinton's/Rubin's time, many of the post-Depression era regulations had come undone. The new idea in town has been "self regulation" of the private actors. In the light of the several bailouts, critics of "self regulation" say that in fact we only socialized loss and privatized gain. In the light of the ever renewed debate, triggered by the sub-prime events, loss of pension and health-care benefits through bankruptcy, and the '08 elections' messages, an evaluation of all previous assumptions and statements is as timely as ever. So, what do you think, is self-regulation the way to go, assuming that market capitalism is here to stay?

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